Supporting Role Ltd | Privacy
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About us

We have been providing solutions and looking after systems for almost two decades, with hundreds of satisfied customers. We believe that computers are tools, not toys, and their value is in making our lives easier, not faster or more complicated.











We consider privacy to be the most important right an individual has. We are not going to use this page to explain your rights to you, probably badly and inaccurately like many sites. Our right to your data, any of your data, is subject to UK legislation. Your rights are guaranteed by law. Nothing we say here can reduce those rights.

On this web site, the only reason cookies are used is to distinguish between multiple visitors behind the same firewall. You can turn cookies off and the site will still work just fine. It just won’t save any settings between pages.

Our web servers also log every page you visit. These logs are kept for the purposes of troubleshooting issues, and to give us statistic analysis.  We have no way of linking an individual visitor to a specific IP address.

We do not use Google Analytics, as we believe this would be a breach of your privacy and of your trust. You will also not find us on Facebook for the same reasons.

Data we gather ourselves is restricted to our own use. We are registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Offices. We fully comply with all UK and EU Data Protection legislation, and data entrusted to us never knowingly leaves our jurisdiction or our control.

We continue this theme in our day to day work. When clients entrust their data to us, we accept the responsibility that this entails, and never take ownership of the data in any way or abuse that trust.

We encrypt and/or physically protect all the data in our possession and to our knowledge have never suffered any theft of that data. We continuously introduce new tools and methods to reduce that risk.

We endeavour to encrypt all of the data we send to and from our systems. We use opportunistic encryption. If the other end supports an acceptable method, we will use it.

There are tribes that believe that photographs steal souls. We believe misusing someone’s personal data does much the same thing. Our ethos is that as well as our legal duty of care, we have a moral duty of care that is a much greater obligation.