Supporting Role Ltd | Staff
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About us

We have been providing solutions and looking after systems for almost two decades, with hundreds of satisfied customers. We believe that computers are tools, not toys, and their value is in making our lives easier, not faster or more complicated.











Marco: Marco’s teenage years were spent in Mallorca, prior to studying for his HND in Electronics and Communications Engineering at the Polytechnic of North London. In 1984 he joined Vari-Lite Europe Ltd. as a full-time Vari-Lite operator/technician and worked on a number of international shows and tours including Simple Minds, Live Aid, U2, Rod Stewart, Jacques Higelin, Johnny Halliday and Michel Sardou. In 1987 he went freelance, working on more major shows and events in a variety of roles. In 1989 he returned to Vari-Lite Europe as Field Service Manager and in 1990 was responsible for organising the company’s move from Cricklewood to Greenford. In the same year he was appointed Technical Operations Manager and built up to a department of 20 covering field service, sub assembly repair, stores, training and equipment upgrades for the European network of owned offices and franchises. His work included assisting with accreditation to ISO9002 quality assurance system and the formation of the Vari-Lite Production Services European Network. In November 1998 he set up Supporting Role to provide consultancy and resources to smaller companies primarily within the event & entertainment industry.

Richard: Richard joined Supporting Role in 2010, having worked in both the Ukraine and the United States. Some say he was born with his skis already on and is perfectly at home on a black run. All we know is he was born in a town near the French Alps, so there may be some truth to the rumours…

John: John is never happier than when he has his head inside a problem. Hopefully that’s not quite true as he has done quite a bit of traveling over the years, and it would be a shame to think that all the time he was wanting to get back to a command line prompt. Either way, John works mainly on our Linux servers keeping them fettled and in tune.

Gryff: Gryff is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He is in charge of Public Relations and has no boundaries. None. He is excessively friendly and loves to say hello. In his spare time he helps de-stress students at various Student Unions  around London.

Yvonne: Yvonne has now left to run her dog grooming business full time. It is located by Chiswick Park Underground station, and is called Chiswick Park Pet Spa. If your dog needs some TLC with the emphasis on the T, L & C, please do give her a call on 020 8747 0832