Supporting Role Ltd | IT Support Services
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These pages show part of our services. We tailor what we do to what you need, so it is impossible for us to describe everything we do for our clients. We are not a call centre boiler room type operation, we are a proper IT support company with proper support engineers.

User Support

File Servers

Email Servers





Cyber Safety

Private Cloud


Outside consultants and contractors are often viewed with suspicion. How can they understand the particular concerns of individual businesses? Supporting Role Limited recognises that each company is unique and specialised. But we are equally aware of the pressures and time constraints which prevent problems being tackled internally. We offer solutions that reflect how you envisage your organisation and that draw on our wealth of experience.

Supporting Role Limited originated in the event industry, where deadlines are not just immovable, but where thousands, sometimes millions of people are waiting for you to finish. We have a different approach, a different philosophy, and above all, a professionalism that is second to none.

We provide numerous services. The ones we think are of most interest to you are here, but if there is anything that isn’t listed, please ask us. We have decades of experience in IT and most of it isn’t that interesting. There is a lot of knowledge and expertise already in existence and we can use this to provide you with a framework that actively solves your problems cost-effectively and in tune with your organisation.