Supporting Role Ltd | Co-location
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Over the years we have worked with number of businesses with which we have developed a symbiotic relationship. These are listed on these pages in groups, not because that is all they do, but because otherwise the pages get too long.

Web Design, etc

Graphic Design



Recycling & Disposal

Cyber Security






We offer hosting services and connectivity for a broad range of clients, from individuals just wanting email, through SME’s, up  to public companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. We deliver the highest levels of quality in all our services; listening to our customers’  needs and supporting their growth in future years.

Forget About IT

Forget About IT® enables you to concentrate on your core business whilst giving you access to a professional and fast IT support service with low costs and guaranteed response times. We offer a completely new way to solve your IT worries and guarantee that your data is secure. Forget About IT® provides a managed in-house solution that enables you to spend your time growing and developing your own business and not worrying about IT.

Intrascape’s network is built around multi-platform systems which include IBM, HP  and Cisco, all chosen for their quality in manufacturing, software and support. We operate from two main sites: one in Telehouse London, the other in Surrey, with backup services in other locations.