Supporting Role Ltd | Web design, etc
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Over the years we have worked with number of businesses with which we have developed a symbiotic relationship. These are listed on these pages in groups, not because that is all they do, but because otherwise the pages get too long.

Web Design, etc

Graphic Design



Recycling & Disposal

Cyber Security




Web design, SEO, Ad Words, etc


totalsurf, a limited company, has been established since 2004 and operates at two studios – one at the heart of the design community in central London, and another in the thriving commuter town of Reading. Managed by Chris Brown, totalsurf consists of three full time employees and three part time members.

The people behind totalsurf are highly qualified; Chris created his first website in 1995 and has worked in web design since 1997. Collectively, our immensely skilled and adaptable team has more than 70 years’ experience in the industry – making it well placed to deliver cutting edge solutions to our clients at a value below that of the majority of agencies.

When building clients’ websites, one of our most important considerations is compatibility. All websites need to work effectively on not only desktop PCs and Macs, but also mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets and Windows devices. Although there is a small market share at present, devices such as Smart TVs will see an increase in usage. Sites that are programmed to a high standard will function well on these new platforms in the future.

Ad Extra

At AdExtra, we are firm believers in the personal approach. When working with us, you will always be speaking to a real person, who will make it their mission to get to know your company inside and out. With over 8 years of experience in Google Ads, we can guide you through the process and get you on the fast track to seeing real results from Google. We also believe in both the holistic and analytical approach, which is why we work with a wide variety of strategic partners who share our standards and values. With a range of partners from SEO, social media, web design, copywriting and even cyber security, we can advise you on the best way to market your business to your customers, and to Google.