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Case Studies

The case studies here are an example of the diversity of our work and the level of our competence.

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Gotham Erskine

Gotham Erskine  – Email archive system:

A couple of clients came to us both wanting a similar solution, which was to take a copy of every single incoming and outgoing email their staff sent and received. In both cases this was for compliance purposes, and in both cases they needed a filing system for the emails as well, as otherwise after a while there would be so many emails that searching for a specific email would become very tedious.

In the case of the more complex filing system, the client already used client / supplier references in the subject line, so a small web-based database was put together to allow the admin team to add / edit client and supplier references, and rapidly also took over from the spreadsheet that had been used previously to track the references.Since clients usually had no way of knowing what their reference was, their email addresses were added to a table that linked them to their client reference, and the same was done for suppliers.

A dedicated server was placed internally on their network, and was set up so that all email traffic was routed via the system, so a copy of every email could be taken on it’s way through. Every few minutes the system went through the copies received, and ran first a filter based on the subject line, looking for a reference for either a client, a supplier, or a partner (so that business related emails could also be filed). If no match was found, then the sender and recipient email address was compared to the entries in the database, and finally if no match was found, the emails were placed into a “bucket” that allowed for new clients’ emails to be retrospectively added, so the admin team checked the bucket on a daily basis and added new email addresses and references to allow the emails to be properly filed. What was left was generally spam, but just in case, there were filed into a daily filing system.

Peter Gotham, Managing Partner said “Our team all found the mail archive facility very user friendly, quick and powerful – even whilst the stored data grew over the years. After the initial training we need very little support from Marco’s team – except as we requested modifications.”