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Case Studies

The case studies here are an example of the diversity of our work and the level of our competence

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Nordic Pharma – Moving Offices:

In late 2016, Nordic Pharma needed to move office on a tight schedule, and Supporting Role helped them every step of the way.

The process started as the lease was being negotiated. We quickly realised that previous tenants (or maybe the decorators they used) had ruined the network cabling rendering it useless. The landlord was not including the cabling in the deal, so having thought that it was all wired up, Nordic was facing a substantial additional cost prior to moving in.

Supporting Role was able to arrange for a contractor to come in a splice the cut wires into new wires and to guarantee the work. Through other contacts we were also to help expedite the connection of the phone lines and a temporary broadband line as the timescale did not allow for the fibre circuit to be installed in time.

The move happened a few days before Christmas, and Supporting Role helped move the server, network infrastructure and desktop computers and to get it all up and running ready for business.

If you are planing a move, get your IT Support company involved early on, even before the lease is signed, to check things like broadband availability, speed and lead time, as well as the suitability of the network wiring. Doesn’t matter if everything you use is in the Cloud, if you can’t get to it from your office it isn’t a lot of use.