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Case Studies

The case studies here are an example of the diversity of our work and the level of our competence.

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Gotham Erskine

Niche – Job Tracker:

Niche Science & Technology Ltd provides comprehensive clinical research services to a growing number of pharmaceutical clients. Specialising in medical writing and clinical project management, they are experts at ensuring their clients successfully progress their assets through all phases of clinical development.

To do so, they needed a system tracked the progress of a job through it’s lifespan. The system needed to start before the quotation stage, and needed to make sure that the clients were contacted on a regular basis to make sure the projects were on track.

Since Niche were not really sure what they wanted, they just knew that nothing they could find on the market did it, in 2011 Supporting Role offered to prototype a simple system that did what they thought Niche needed.

Once the prototype was up and running, and being used in anger, Niche were able to decide what worked and what didn’t, and a second version was produced. The feedback from this prompted a third specification…

Supporting Role both writes and manages the system for Niche, ensuring it works smoothly and regularly receives security updates, and is regularly backed up.