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Case Studies

The case studies here are an example of the diversity of our work and the level of our competence.

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Gotham Erskine

London Communications Agency –
Paprika Timesheet Alerts System:

A number of years ago a client of ours called London Communications Agency rolled out a new timesheet system called Paprika to track and bill their public relations business. The system lacked a few features but in general was an improvement to their business. Supporting Role helped implement this system, but more importantly, helped LCA with some of the reporting the new system lacked.

Supporting Role was able to design and implement a tool that queried the time sheet database on an hourly basis and email out status alerts when certain criteria were reached. One alert tracked a project’s running total and alerted them when it reached a specified amount, and another was a monthly fee tracker, warning account managers if the company was over or under-servicing their contracts.

Jonny Popper, Managing Director said “Supporting Role provides our complete IT services package across our 35 people. We have relied on them for years and we have stayed with them as we have grown the business, implementing new servers and systems and they have supported us through two office moves. We rely on their skill and their speed and are happy to recommend them.”

The system is configured (and can be monitored) via a small web interface which allows the admin team set up new alerts and modify existing ones. The system runs without any user interaction on the same server as the Paprika database, and requires very little resources, and only need maintenance as and when Paprika is updated to make sure the database definitions have not been