Our clients include:

Whiteboat TV
  (Server Lease)
Brainwave Media
  (Server Lease)
Event Safety Training
  (Health & Safety)
Roy Pretty Boy Shaw
  (Web Hosting)
Tomcat UK
  (IT Support)
  (IT Support)
Essential Lighting
  (Health & Safety)
Riverhouse Films
  (Server Lease)

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Internet Services - Web Hosting

We have our own web server which is co-located at TeleHouse in the docklands. This allows us to offer flexible hosting, services and facilities far and above that normally available from an ISP.

We know there are people out there offering web space at ridiculously low prices, and if that is what you want then you don't want us. However, if you want access to people who can give you advice, who can help you out when you are stuck, or need to improve your web site, and who understand your web site logs then we are exactly who you are looking for.

We do not have a universal system. Everything installed and running on the server has been configured by us. We know exactly what it does, and when it doesn't do it, we fix it. We monitor all our own servers and we know very quickly when there is a problem.

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