Supporting Role Ltd | Databases
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These pages show part of our services. We tailor what we do to what you need, so it is impossible for us to describe everything we do for our clients. We are not a call centre boiler room type operation, we are a proper IT support company with proper support engineers.

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Cyber Safety

Private Cloud


We do a lot of work with database systems. We can create bespoke systems for you from scratch, and we can link two of your existing systems together. We use web-based technologies to avoid the issues associated with operating system dependant desktop solutions.

We can help create custom reports using logic based on data not in the existing system. We can set up systems that email you when a certain condition has been met. We can help you get more of your existing systems

We can set up CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions to help your sales team, and repair tracking databases for your service engineers. We can either find and existing system for you, modify one that doesn’t quite work, or create one from scratch.

In this age of Cloud computing we can also help you to link legacy systems to new technology by by setting up an intermediary system that can talk to your old but irreplaceable system and a new website, perhaps updating stock levels and pricing.

We can also use this same technology to help migrate between two Cloud systems, synchronising them so you can run them in parallel, or do multiple exports, tweaking the filters each time to get rid of old data you no longer need or want.