Supporting Role Ltd | File Servers
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These pages show part of our services. We tailor what we do to what you need, so it is impossible for us to describe everything we do for our clients. We are not a call centre boiler room type operation, we are a proper IT support company with proper support engineers.

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File Servers

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File Servers

We can install and configure Microsoft, Linux and Mac file servers, set up network authentication, management, remote access including VPN. We can advise you on security, and configure user groups to make it easy to manage segregated areas on your server. We understand data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery, so we usually advice setting up at least two separate backup methods.

Sometimes you will want multiple servers set up to replicate data between them, creating a fail-over cluster, sometimes you will want separate servers in separate locations and use them to back each other up. Sometimes you will be told that you want a cloud solution but do not know what that means or the implications for your business, good and bad.

We often get asked if file servers are still relevant in today’s “Everything’s in the Cloud”, but the truth is that if you have big files, like videos, CAD and graphics, your Internet connection is too slow to be of much use, and if you cannot share files from the same source, then file-locking and other multi-user tools no longer work properly, and you end up with a mess of file synchronisation conflicts that nobody ever resolves.