Supporting Role Ltd | Consultancy
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These pages show part of our services. We tailor what we do to what you need, so it is impossible for us to describe everything we do for our clients. We are not a call centre boiler room type operation, we are a proper IT support company with proper support engineers.

User Support

File Servers

Email Servers





Cyber Safety

Private Cloud


We pride ourselves at always looking at the business needs before advising any clients. Sometimes you need lots of small nails and sometimes you need one big one. Until you answer that question you cannot choose a hammer to use. Information Technology solutions are the same. Sometimes that “one size fits all” actually means “one size fits none”.

We can provide second options if you think you are being steered in the wrong way, or simply that you want someone to bounce your ideas and plans off before taking them to the next level. Maybe you want someone to present an alternative scenario to your board of directors, or maybe just help expose the pitfalls of the current situation.

Or you have a problem no-one else has solved so far. We love a problem. We love that cracking sound they make when we spilt them open. We are not so keen on the smelly gooey mess left behind, so we prefer to crack them before they fester too much.