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Support Services - Firewalls

If you have Internet access a firewall is essential, otherwise the device that makes the connection to the Internet can be compromised. This is a particular concern with workstations, configured to be as user friendly as possible they provide little or no security.

People often think they are safe because there is nothing valuable on their computers. This is a common misconception. What every malicious hacker wants is an anonymous lauchpad. Your computer can be used to relay spam, attack sensitive government departments, or simply to hide data or pictures away from the hacker's own PC. Whatever the motive, if your security has been breached it is you the police will be questioning.

A firewall will help prevent this situation. However, retail firewalls lack flexibility whereas we can implement a professional and versatile solution that allows you to email, share files, or print from a remote location as easily as if you were in the office.

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