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Gotham Erskine
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Chameleon Medical Comms.
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ILMC Safety Focus Group
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Electrical Safety Testing

The law requires you to 'maintain as safe' not only the equipment your staff uses, but also any equipment you provide to your clients, even if supplied free of charge.

This is often a misunderstood requirement. It is a task that can easily bankrupt a business through an overzealous approach, and even if it doesn't go that far, it can easily bury you in paperwork. This paperwork often has to be passed on to your clients as part of your 'due diligence', as part of a contractual agreement, or because you are required to do so by law (eg LOLER).

Supporting Role can guide you through this difficult territory. If needed, we can help you with your testing, and we can assist you with putting together a documentation system that substantially reduces your overheads.

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