Our clients include:

Tomcat UK
  (IT Support)
  (IT Support)
Essential Lighting
  (Health & Safety)
Riverhouse Films
  (Server Lease)
The Planning Shop Intl.
  (IT Support)
Advice UK
  (IT Support)
Creative Technology
  (Health & Safety)
Etc UK Ltd.
  (Health & Safety)

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Supporting Role offers a range of IT systems suitable for all business needs. We offer complete IT packages of hardware, software and server support. Whether you require database servers, email servers, file servers or other options, we have the IT solution for your business.

For a monthly fee we will take complete responsibility for your IT system. We will back it up and provide support for the entire system. In addition we maintain the hardware, replace it if it breaks, or becomes obsolete, and we upgrade the hardware at least every three years while regularly monitoring it's performance.

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