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Clarissa Hulse
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Spice Lumb
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Whiteboat TV
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Brainwave Media
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Event Safety Training
  (Health & Safety)
Roy Pretty Boy Shaw
  (Web Hosting)
Tomcat UK
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Company History

In January and February we rolled out a big upgrade for one of our clients. From a single server plus a backup, we increased the system to 4 fully integrated servers, across two sites. Buildings were linked via fibre optic, and we have started replicating data to the satellite office to look at reducing the network traffic over the WAN. In December 2004 John Edwards left the business to pursue other objectives. Also in December Supporting Role obtained offices in Grove Park Studios and moved to Chiswick.

During January Supporting Role launched it's IMAP email server, allowing small businesses access to a corporate type email server at a low cost. In April the team was joined by George Saxby allowing us to offer networking installations and computing hardware services. Unfortunately George became ill in mid-2004 and is still on sick leave.

During 2002 we started to roll out our leased IT product range. We began with firewalls and file servers, and followed this with our email server system. In February Supporting Role sponsored a web based course booking and training management system for Event Safety Training. This allowed them to easily update their web site adding course dates as they were booked. In July we designed a web site for LaunchPR, a new company specialising in product and brand launches. They were short listed by the PR industry for the 'Best New Consultancy' award. In October Supporting Role set up an Internet Monitoring Server. Based in TeleHouse, Docklands, this enables us to monitor our clients internet connections and servers, so often we know of a problem before our clients do.

During April Supporting Role installed its own Web Server, allowing us to offer custom web-based internet solutions, such as databases and dynamic content. In August Marco was joined by John Edwards. John brought server skills in Unix and Sun, as well as skills in networking and bulk user management. During October the Web server was relocated at TeleHouse, in the Docklands. In addition we assisted Jack Morton WorldWide in setting up a complete on-site Health & Safety system to identify and allocate responsibilities during a production. The work also included designing a database for their in-house IT staff to program, and a number of training seminars for their staff and directors. At the same time we also created similar systems for LX Arts and Summit Steel.

During 2000 Supporting Role helped Show Presentations Services set up a brand new Health & Safety system. We assisted Fuji International Productions with the problem of putting on a music series at Gainsborough Studios, a dilapidated and severely unsafe building. We also set up paperless safety documentation systems for ENTEC. This enables all their test certificates to be installed on a CD that is then available to any safety inspector who wishes to view them. In addition we installed a new server for Star Hire & Star Rigging.<BR><BR>
<B>1999:</B> We assisted ScreenCo in evaluating a series of equipment rental software packages. We also managed the VLPS stand that won 'Best Stand' at the PLASA show. Supporting Role began overseeing Star Hire's IT systems in both Bedford and Manchester. We did health & safety work for E/T/C, VLPS, Link Communications and Crystal Pro Audio, and helped ENTEC through their BBC audit.

Supporting Role was set up in October by Marco van Beek. Marco realised his knowledge of Health & Safety, IT, CE Marking and Project Management placed him in a unique position to offer all these skills to the Event Industry and other businesses. One of the first jobs was to evaluate a newly purchased lighting company for technical competence.

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