Our clients include:

Essential Lighting
  (Health & Safety)
Riverhouse Films
  (Server Lease)
The Planning Shop Intl.
  (IT Support)
Advice UK
  (IT Support)
Creative Technology
  (Health & Safety)
Etc UK Ltd.
  (Health & Safety)
Gotham Erskine
  (IT Support)
Nordic Pharma
  (IT Support)

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About Case Studies

The following pages are a series of case studies of work we have done. This web site is also a case study.

The whole Supporting Role web site is a database driven system, each page you are viewing has the same basic template, but all the data is extracted from a series of database tables.

For example, the list of clients is randomly picked from a list, as are the quotations. When Marco first had the idea of starting the company he came across a wonderful quote by Caius Petronius, Consul of Rome in the 1st century AD. It stated that reorganisation for reorganisation's sake simply created 'inefficiency and demoralisation', and we felt that little had changed in 19 centuries. The site now has a selection of quotes which seem relevant to what we do, and what we try not to do!.

The menu system is created on the fly by the page, so if another page is added, you will automatically see it the next time you click on a page. The whole system is maintained through a set of password protected web pages, which means there is no downtime when we want to update the site.

This sort of dynamic content management is ideal for small companies who want to actively update their site on a daily or weekly basis without having to call in the web designer.

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If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing.
W. Edwards Deming (1900 - 1993)