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Risk Assessments

People often believe that a collection of documents simply highlighting assorted safety issues constitutes a 'Risk Assessment'. This is not the case. A Risk Assessment is an informed evaluation of the risks created by a particular hazard. There will be a number of hazards in a workplace, and each must be appraised. Some of the hazards will need additional controls, these are often referred to as 'Safe Working Practices' or 'Safe Systems of Work'.

When looking at a sequence of tasks, there will again be a series of hazards, and a best practice method of work which aims to minimise the dangers related to those hazards. The document that describes the steps taken is often known as a 'method statement'. Sometimes the method statement is written for your own staff, sometimes it is written for the event production manager. This statement is often used as a way of highlighting additional precautions such as the need for ear plugs during soundchecks, hard hats for rigging, Hi-Viz jackets at night in the loading dock.

Whichever is needed, we can help you create, manage and maintain a Risk Assessment System in a way that best suits what you do.

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