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Chameleon Medical Comms.
  (IT Support)
ILMC Safety Focus Group
  (Web Site Design)
Safe Working Ltd.
  (IT Support)
Vision 360
  (IT Support)
Summit Steel
  (Health & Safety)
Lepark TV
  (IT Support)
Shaw Thing Management
  (IT Support)
  (Web Hosting)

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Supporting Role has written a number of software solutions for companies wishing to improve their management of risk assessments. We implement systems that enable businesses to split the responsibility for creating and updating the documentation. At the same time, our systems allow project managers easy access to compile and print out the paperwork for the client and/or the venue.

Even if the company is small, software systems make it much easier to manage a set of risk assessments. They highlight the need to review risks on a date by date basis. In larger companies, our systems allows multiple access for staff to add and edit sub-sets of risk assessments particular to their department.

The solutions we create can be customised for each company, and therefore reflect the corporate image, the original IT system, and the company structure.

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