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Ultimate Events Ltd.
  (Health & Safety)
Contract Audio Visual
  (Technical Consultancy)
Crystal Pro Audio
  (Health & Safety)
FRAMES Design & Build Ltd
  (Health & Safety)
John Ellis & Co
  (IT Support)
Resource Creative Ltd
  (Web-based Database System)
Show Presentation Services Ltd
  (Health & Safety)
  (IT Support)

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Quality Assurance

Part of providing a safe service for your clients may involve you implementing a Quality Assurance Programme in order to confirm that the last item off your manufacturing line is as safe as the one that was sent to the lab for type approval.

If you are an equipment rental company or service provider, this programme will give your clients the confidence to offer you contracts that might otherwise have gone to competitors.

Supporting Role can provide the link between ISO9000 auditors and what you do for a living. We understand what you do and what the auditors are looking for. We can save you substantial amounts of money and time, especially compared to more conventional methods of gaining ISO9000 acreditation.

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