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The Planning Shop Intl.
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Advice UK
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Creative Technology
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Etc UK Ltd.
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Gotham Erskine
  (IT Support)
Nordic Pharma
  (IT Support)
Chameleon Medical Comms.
  (IT Support)
ILMC Safety Focus Group
  (Web Site Design)

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We can help you decide where you are and where you need to go. Often a company is too close to the problem to see the solution or a way to move forward. We are not going to recommend expensive solutions unless they are justified.

Networks can be complicated. They are crucial to the wellbeing of your system, yet little attention is paid to that side of the infrastructure. Often with small companies the network is simply added to, then one day you discover that the server is too many hops from the desktop, and the connection becomes slow and unreliable.

Or perhaps you are uncomfortable with your backup strategy. According to the CBI, over 80% of companies that have a catastrophic data loss such as server failure, fire, or theft go out of business within 12 months.

Ask us. We might just have the answer you are looking for.

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