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Health & Safety Case Study

In 2004 we were asked to completely overhaul the on-site Health & Safety procedures of a major production company whose projects have included the opening ceremonies of the 2002 Commonwealth Games, and the 2004 Olympic Games. Our brief was to make their Health & Safety programme easier to understand, more manageable, and most importantly, workable.

Over a period of 12 months, we set up awareness seminars, a risk assessment database system, and an electronic checklist to make sure all the loose ends were not only tied up, but could be seen to have been tied up.

We enhanced their already impressive supplier auditing, and clarified areas of authority and responsibility, not only within the organisation, but with regards to both their subcontractors and their clients.

As part of the system a nominated member of their staff was closely involved with our work, and by the end of the project was running the system without any active input from ourselves.

It would appear that we worked ourselves out of a job. However, to us that means the client got what they wanted, and the system that we instigated will grow and improve year on year. We could not have hoped for a better result.

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