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One of our clients is a small production company with three project managers. They all work from home and need to share both project data and contact details.

We have created a web based database system that they can log onto and centralise their data. The project is currently at Stage One, which has separate company and person databases that are linked together, along with a comments field that allows easy note taking for the conversations that have been had with that contact. Each company record shows all the contacts within that organisation, so it is a simple matter to search and retrieve the relevant records.

The system includes a document repository for file sharing, templates, etc, as well as an image database that can be easily accessed if reference material is needed for a presentation.

We have also set them up with centralised email on our shared IMAP server, together with the calendaring system that helps them keep track of locations and appointments. They do not have to maintain a central server, nor expensive office space. They can access the system wherever they have Internet access, or even from an Internet Cafe.

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