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Many people use emails as their main method of business communication. However, when writing a letter or sending a fax filing a copy is second nature, but with an email we rely heavily on the system to save a copy. This is not always reliable and many clients archive or save copies in places known only to them.

Two of our clients came to us with this problem. Both of them offer professional advice that if taken out of context could have considerable financial implications. They needed copies of the outgoing emails and they also wanted a duplicate of incoming emails, so that they had master copies, in case of later disputes.

Our solution was to insert a second email server between the incoming line and the primary mail server. This server takes a copy of both outgoing and incoming emails and files them either by client, or by date. We then set up a firewall so that no emails could leave the building without going via the new email server.

There were privacy and data protection issues with this system. Nontheless, a properly verified email carries the same legal weight as a letter on company headed paper, and this double checking provides an excellent audit trail.

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