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Essential Lighting
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Riverhouse Films
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The Planning Shop Intl.
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Advice UK
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Creative Technology
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Server leasing Case Studies

One of our clients is a new business. They intend to employ large numbers of staff in the future and will then require a complex and expensive IT system, but at present they want a system which entails the minimal capital outlay. Our solution was to suggest they leased the equipment from us.

We installed, configured and proactively maintain an email server, a File & Print server and a firewall. Supporting Role owns the hardware, so there is no capital expenditure by the client other than the desktop PC's. We maintain it, so the client has no repair costs. We back it up remotely every night, so there is no need to have someone in the office swapping tapes. When the staff numbers become large enough to overload the existing servers, we can simply upgrade them to a more powerful unit. This will necessitate only a small rise in the client's monthly fee.

We offer discounts to clients who have more than one server or firewall on lease from us, and we replace the hardware every three years.

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