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IT Support Case Studies

Supporting Role was approached by a company based near Bedford with a satellite office in Manchester, and asked to take over their support.

When we were called in the company was using a single POP email account and an old internal email system. One of the staff had to download all the emails, and then forward them on within the organisation. Their staff in Manchester had no access to emails or files.

We first put in a cheap email system, to solve the immediate email problems. We then arranged for two ISDN lines at the Bedford site. One was used for internet access, and the other was linked to the Manchester site, which then had access to email. We also upgraded the network infrastructure since every time a CAD file was saved to the server, the network was saturated and the accounts package crashed.

Since then the company has grown, and we have increased the IT system alongside their expansion. They now have a leased line at Bedford, since they are unable to access ADSL, and the two offices are linked by a VPN which eliminates their ISDN costs. The company now has five servers, including the original one which is still needed while the old accounting package continues to be used. Supporting Role has remote access via both VPN, modem and webmail and the file servers are backed up every night onto a 2 TeraByte tape system. Weekly tapes are then stored offsite in a fire-proof safe.

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