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The complexity of safety legislation often makes it hard for small companies in the Event Industry to demonstrate the safety of one-off equipment that is built for theatre shows and rock 'n' roll tours. Supporting Role can help you to design for safety, and help compile the documentation you need to satisfy local authorities, venues and the client.

Safe equipment must be designed to be safe, manufactured to be safe, operated in a safe manner and maintained so as to remain safe. A manufacturer's liability extends far beyond the sale and even the warranty period, and you could find that an accident years later becomes your responsibility.

Applying a CE Mark to a piece of equipment guarantees that established engineering practices and guidelines have been followed in its design. It demonstrates that the manufacturer believes that the equipment is suitable for the purpose. In turn your 'due diligence' includes reducing any hazards to a minimum and providing good information to the installers, operators and maintainers of the equipment.

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