Our clients include:

Gotham Erskine
  (IT Support)
Nordic Pharma
  (IT Support)
Chameleon Medical Comms.
  (IT Support)
ILMC Safety Focus Group
  (Web Site Design)
Safe Working Ltd.
  (IT Support)
Vision 360
  (IT Support)
Summit Steel
  (Health & Safety)
Lepark TV
  (IT Support)

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About our Internet Services

Supporting Role Limited provides a number of Internet services. We are not the cheapest, nor do we try to be. What we offer is flexibility, innovation and versatility. There are many ways of getting email and web space on the internet. If that is all you want, we are not the company for you.

However, if you want to maximise what the Internet can do for your business, to minimise your growing pains, to give you an upgrade path from your first web site all the way to a database driven content management system, then we can can supply the expertise.

All our web based systems (WWW, email, SQL) are co-located in TeleHouse in the Docklands. In our opinion, TeleHouse remains the best place to co-locate servers in the UK, if not Europe.

We understand the need for flexible systems that respond to your requirements. Whether you want last minute changes before a launch, or longer term modifications as your business develops, we supply professional solutions.

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